B&D Holdings / BD Capital

B&D Holdings / BD Capital

We completed this project in collaboration with the incredibly talented 7 Layer Studio, a multidisciplinary agency that builds award-winning brands from the ground up.

B&D Holdings is the umbrella company and management firm for numerous real estate partnerships and operating companies in commercial markets across the nation. The firm owns and manages over 4.5 million square feet of real estate. Under that umbrella is BD Capital, which is a private lender acting as the direct lending arm of B&D Holdings.

We worked with the B&D team to build out two complementary websites for B&D Holdings and BD Capital, and we also designed a marketing booklet and a digital presentation for Holdings.

Each website was designed to be fully responsive, clean and easy to navigate. On the Capital site, in particular, our web developer created a custom deal calculator from scratch that prospective clients can use to input purchase price, rehab budget and after-repair value to ultimately calculate total project costs, net profits and the percentage return on project costs.

For the booklet and digital presentation, we used B&D’s existing marketing materials as a jumping off point and cleaned up the design so that it was more in line with their branding. The presentation was optimized for digital usage, while the booklet was formatted for print and sent off to the printer for hard copy distribution.

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