Home Inspections by Paseos Residential

Home Inspections by Paseos Residential

Home Inspections by Paseos Residential helps new and/or seasoned home buyers and sellers, as well as investors and landlords, make informed decisions when it comes to buying a house.

Jonathan, the owner of Paseos Residential, reached out to us after seeing and liking the website and branding work we had done for another company – making him the second home inspection company we have worked with. He asked us to create two logos and a website for his own business.

First, we designed the two logos: one for Home Inspections by Paseos Residential, and a second, complementary logo for the parent company, Paseos Residential, which handles property management, maintenance, home improvements, renovations, repairs and landscaping. Each logo combines a unique set of rooftops with the iconic mountain landscape of Colorado, where Paseos Residential is located.

Once the logos were complete and the foundation of the Paseos brand was in place, we then created a simple landing page for the coming-soon Paseos Residential website and a full website for the Home Inspections arm of the business. The Home Inspections site is modern, fully responsive and features a scheduling element that allows users to schedule their inspections right from the website.

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