The answer is “Yes”

Do you do Design stuff?

Do you design logos?
Can you help me brand or rebrand my business?
Can you design me a brochure?
Can you design my business cards?
Can you design letterhead?
Can you design flyers?
Can you design postcards?
Can you design packaging?
Can you design appointment cards?
Can you design banners?
Can you design booklets?
Can you design catalogs?
Can you design counter cards?
Can you design door hangers?
Can you design envelopes?
Can you design folders?
Can you design hang tags?
Can you design magazines?
Can you design magnets?
Can you design menus?
Can you design notebooks?
Can you design pop-up displays?
Can you design posters?
Can you design stickers?
Can you design table tents?
Can you design window clings?
Can you print any of these?
Can you design vehicle graphics?
Can you design our work apparel?
Can you design a neon sign?

Do you know how Social Media works?

Can you help manage my social media accounts?
Can you help me start my social media accounts?
Can you run social media campaigns, such as photo contests?
Will you help me increase my followers?
Will you come up with content and posts to engage my audience?
Will you respond to my customers when they reach out to me via social?
Are you able to use social networks to advertise my business?
Can you set up my ecommerce shop on Facebook?
Can you help increase my engagement?

Do you know how to Advertise my business?

Do you know how to use Google Ads?
Will you help me create the content that I will need to use for advertising?
Do you create print ads?
Do you create digital ads?
Can you do video campaigns?
Can you help me advertise on social networks like Facebook and Instagram?
Do you design and send email newsletters?
Can you advertise us on YouTube?
Can you advertise us on digital TV (OTT)?

Do you know Web stuff?

Can you help me create a website?
Can you update my current website?
Do you use WordPress?
Can you set up an e-commerce website?
Can you help me blog?
Can you provide photography for my website?
Can you provide copywriting for my website?
Do you have in-house development?
Can you set up my domain?
Can you host and manage my website?
Can you set up my email address?
Can you create my Shopify website?

Do you know about Search?

Can you make sure all of my business information is up to date online?
Can you keep an eye on my online reviews?
Will you make sure I’m appearing in Apple Maps?
Will you make sure I’m appearing in Google Maps?
Can you make it so that my customers can easily find me online?
Do you keep up with the latest Google recommendations?
Can you help our business show up more in local searches?

Do you do anything with Video?

Can you do video production?
Can you advertise my business with video?
Do you have the equipment necessary to do Hollywood-level production?
Will you brainstorm with me to come up with an engaging video campaign?
Do you have an in-house video team?
Will you help me script and storyboard my idea?
Can you help me create video content for my business?
Can you help me create video content for my social platforms?
Can you teach me how to create better video on my own?
Can you create a video for our website homepage?

Do you understand Analytics and how they can help me?

Can you tell me how many people visited my website?
Can you show me how people are finding my business online?
Can you measure the success of the campaigns we run together using data?
Can you create a custom dashboard for my analytics?
Can you provide weekly reports?
Can you provide monthly reports?

Is there anything else you do?

Do you work with large companies?
Do you work with small companies?
Do you offer training?
Are you human?
Would you meet in person?
Do you provide coffee and treats during meetings?
Does your office smell like pancakes?
Will I love working with Eighty6?

Is something you need missing?

More likely than not, we can help you with that too.