About Our Company

Our Story

At Eighty6, we know small businesses are short on time. Often you spend time learning new software, searching for logins, designing your own website, or down a rabbit hole of DIY marketing Youtube videos.

We give small businesses back time by providing marketing strategy, design execution, and insightful reporting for your business so you can focus on delivering great products & services for your community.

We believe that when small businesses have time to work on their products & services, their community wins.

Our Mission

At Eighty6, we know small businesses don’t have enough time in the day. We believe every small business should have a reliable marketing agency so they can focus on delivering great products and services for their communities.

Our Team

Evan Eagleson
Managing Partner & Creative Director
Jay Eagleson
Managing Partner & Client Services Director
Meredith Violi
Social Media & Digital Comms Manager
CJ Byczkowski
SEO & SEM Manager
Scott Faranda
Strategy & Client Success Manager
Olivia Hanus
Client Account Manager
Charlotte Parker
Office Manager
Sam Comes

Our Partners

Ken Glover
One80 Digital
Custom Web Development
Jeff Gonzalez
One80 Digital
Brian Bouman