About Our Company

Our Story

Let’s start with the name. The three founders of Eighty6 were born and raised die hard New York Mets fans and (unfortunately) 1986 was the last time the Mets won the World Series.

A nerd, a free spirit, and a designer walk into a Bar(nes & Noble) with a desire to rid the world of bad design. We assembled our team of experts and have used our talents for good, doing what we love every step of the way.

Our Mission

Remember your cousin who said they’d build your website and then stopped answering your phone calls? We are the anti-that. Our talents drive us to create beautiful content, and to make sure the right people are experiencing it. None of that can happen without a great working relationship. You’re a human, YOUR agency should be too.

Our Team

Evan Eagleson
Partner // Designer
Jay Eagleson
Partner // Strategy
Stephanie Kowalsky
Account Manager, Content Creator
Ken Glover
Senior Developer
C.J. Byczkowski
Scott Faranda