Our Interns


Internship Year: 2022-23

College: University of South Florida

Major: Business Advertising

Dream Job: Entrepreneur

With a sense of humor as dry as the Sahara, Declan could effortlessly bring a smile to anyone’s face. He proudly wore his New York Giants fandom like a badge of honor, often engaging in spirited banter during football season. But perhaps one of his most endearing qualities was his undeniable love for Antipasto sandwiches from Matera’s on Park. Watching him savor every bite was like witnessing a true culinary romance. Declan’s time with us was a wonderful medley of laughter, lively NFL discussions, and shared lunches that filled each day with an extra dose of positivity and camaraderie.


Internship Year: 2021-22

College: Fashion Institute of Technology

Major: Communication Design

Dream Job: Still deciding!

During his internship with us, Jack always had a smile on his face – and his Nintendo Switch in his backpack! This video game enthusiast/origami artist was a welcomed presence in the Eighty6 office. We shared lots of laughs and were honored to share our favorite design tips and tricks with him, which have come in handy during his current studies at F.I.T.


Internship Year: 2021-22

College: Kean University

Major: Graphic Design

Dream Job: Art / Creative Direction

Lauren’s an awesome designer and all, but the coolest thing about her? She taught Steph’s kids how to swim! Back on land, this lifeguard-designer whiz kid is currently employed at Kean University’s activities department as a graphic designer, where she regularly calls upon the many valuable skills and experiences she gained from working with us. When we asked her what she loved most about her time at Eighty6, she noted our integrity and our team’s commitment to creating an equally creative and engaging environment. Aw, shucks. 🥰


Internship Year: 2020-21

College: Parsons School of Design

Major: Design and Technology

Dream Job: XR Art Director

Grace interned with us during the height of COVID, which meant we never actually got to meet her in person! But, fortunately, that didn’t stop her from making the most of her internship. She worked on a wide range of projects for us, and we had the honor of teaching her the basics of InDesign, which ended up coming in handy once she got to college. These days, when Grace isn’t in school – learning coding, physical computing, and website building! – she can be found taking care of her collection of houseplants, or visiting a new cafe in the city.


Internship Year: 2019-20

College: Cornell University

Major: Architecture

Dream Job: Architect

Behind Leon’s quiet demeanor is a super smart, super talented guy who aspires to be an architect. Leon was our go-to for help with magazine design projects and was quick to work on anything else we needed, including websites, restaurant menus and more. Leon says that his greatest takeaway from his internship was learning how to help clients market their brands. Right now, he’s planning for a virtual start to his Ivy League education but is looking forward to starting classes at Cornell University.


Internship Year: 2019-20

College: Montclair State University

Major: Television and Digital Media

Dream Job: Late Night talkshow host

We were lucky to work with AJ. After his previous internship didn’t work out, he reached out to us – and we’re so glad he did. Although he would prefer to be in front of the camera rather than behind it, he helped us with the design and production of several of our video projects. He credits his internship with allowing him to explore the wide world of communications and expanding his skillset. Currently, he’s anxiously awaiting the start of classes at Montclair State University and spends most of his days educating himself on the latest current events.


Internship Year: 2018-19

College: Duquesne University

Major: Physics

Dream Job: Science Communicator

Katelyn is one of the smartest interns we’ve ever had, which shouldn’t come as much of a surprise when we tell you that she’s currently a physics major at Duquesne University. She came to us unsure of whether she wanted to pursue physics or graphic design (should we be offended that she chose physics??) and says that her internship has given her a step up in helping her communicate her work with others. In her second year at Duquesne, Katelyn is currently working alongside a faculty advisor on an optics theory project that is soon to be published.


Internship Year: 2017-18

College: University of San Francisco

Major: Design major with minors in Advertising, Catholic Studies, and Philippine Studies

Dream Job: Graphic designer

Andre was our video guru! Creating video ads and graphics for us actually led him to pick up Advertising as a minor in college – and he says it might turn out to be a future career path for him. We’re keeping our fingers crossed! Currently, he’s enrolled at the University of San Francisco, where’s he’s enrolled as a third-year student and works as a student designer for the Modern and Classical Language Department.


Internship Year: 2017-18

College: School of Visual Arts

Major: Design

Dream Job: Working in a design team for a cosmetics brand or at Google

Michelle is a talented artist who brought a ton of creativity to her internship. Having mostly used her artistic skills for her own self expression, she learned from working with us about the collaborative nature of design and the importance of communicating with others. Now, as a student at the School of Visual Arts, she is working on expanding her skills and her knowledge of design programs and is looking forward to nabbing her next internship.


Internship Year: 2017-18

College: Rutgers University

Major: Information Technology & Informatics with a minor in Psychology

Dream Job: Visual Development Artist

We were honored to give Xereina her first taste of the graphic design world – and now she’s hooked! She soaked up every opportunity to learn InDesign and other design programs – working on ads and logos for a variety of our clients – and is now working on starting her own sticker shop. It’s a pretty impressive undertaking for someone who’s also balancing school and a graphic design internship (no longer with us, but we’ll always take pride in being the first!).


Internship Year: 2016-17

Colleges: St John's University and the Cork Institute of Technology

Major: Graphic Design/Visual Communications

Dream Job: Creating motion graphics or merchandise for bands and artists

Sandra came to us as a self-professed shy, nervous intern, and now she is – quite literally – taking the world by storm. She’s living in Valencia, Spain, where’s she’s learning Spanish and on the hunt for internship opportunities, all while fulfilling her duties as a full-time online student at the Cork Institute of Technology (based in Ireland). She credits our “fun, creative working environment” with helping her realize that the agency environment, where she can work with multiple clients simultaneously, is where she hopes to end up.


Internship Year: 2015-16

College: School of Visual Arts

Major: Computer Art

Dream Job: Art director for a video game/creative studio

Eric was lovingly known around our office as the guy who ordered tongue burritos for lunch. Adventurous palate aside, he’s also an incredible artist with a real eye for digital design. For Eric, he says that hanging out at Eighty6 taught him how to function within a team, communicate more effectively and create professional content – and, perhaps most proudly for us, also showed him how love and positivity can create an impactful work environment. (We ❤️  our interns!) For now, Eric is home in New Jersey, taking a post-graduation break before jumping into the working world.


Internship Year: 2014-15

College: University of Connecticut

Major: Digital Media & Design, with a concentration in Digital Media Strategies for Business

Dream Job: Entrepreneur/freelance social media manager

Joey’s the one who started it all! When he first reached out to us, we told him we didn’t have the need for an intern. He finally wore us down, and we’re so glad he did. Joey did a little bit of everything for us in those early days, which he says helped him learn the fundamentals of working at a digital marketing agency, and which ultimately pushed him to pursue a college degree in Digital Media & Design. Now, Joey is a successful digital media pro in his own right, living in Florida (10 minutes from Walt Disney World!) and working as a Digital Media Manager at The Lost Bros.