Bookkeeping Solutions By Celeste

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    Bookkeeping Solutions by Celeste

    Bookkeeping Solutions by Celeste sought a digital platform that mirrored Celeste’s expertise and dedication to empowering small businesses. It needed to be informative and user-friendly, positioning Celeste as a go-to resource for financial guidance.

    Our Strategy

    Essential Content: Curated straight-to-the-point content providing information on key information of services and packages provided.

    Accessible Design: Simplified navigation and strategic calls-to-action for enhanced user experience.

    Putting A Face to the Name: Added a personal touch to show potential clients who they’d be working with. 


    The collaboration resulted in a website that showcases Celeste’s expertise while driving increased engagement. Eighty6’s partnership with Bookkeeping Solutions by Celeste exemplifies our dedication to bringing visions to life. Together, we’ve created a digital platform that allows small businesses to thrive, reaffirming our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that make a lasting impact.