Ange’s Smoothie Hub

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    Ange’s Smoothie Hub

    Blending Digital Flair with Fresh Flavors

    In the bustling town of River Vale, NJ, a new culinary delight emerged: Ange’s Smoothie Hub. This vibrant establishment, dedicated to crafting delicious smoothies, fresh juices, and delectable bowls, turned to Eighty6 for a digital launchpad that matched their zest for healthy, mouth-watering creations.

    The Challenge

    Ange’s Smoothie Hub needed a digital space that reflected their brand’s lively and health-conscious ethos and a functional portal for customers to seamlessly place orders online. With popular platforms like DoorDash in mind, the website had to be intuitive, user-friendly, and efficient, aligning with the fast-paced lifestyle of its customers.

    Our Strategy

    Swift and Stylish
    Understanding the urgency of the business’s launch, our team at Eighty6 jumped into action, designing a unique one-page website experience. The goal was simple yet ambitious: to balance aesthetic appeal and functionality, all within a tight timeline and budget.

    User Experience at the Forefront
    We crafted a website that introduces customers to Ange’s Smoothie Hub’s vibrant world and guides them effortlessly toward placing an online order. The design is clean, fresh, and inviting, mirroring the quality of the smoothies, juices, and bowls that Ange’s offers.

    Reliability and Growth
    In a move to ensure continuous service quality and future scalability, we at Eighty6 are also providing ongoing hosting services for Ange’s Smoothie Hub. This partnership guarantees maximum uptime and a robust platform for the business’s growth and digital evolution.


    The website’s launch was a resounding success, aligning perfectly with Ange’s Smoothie Hub’s opening timeline. Customers now enjoy an online experience that’s as refreshing and satisfying as the smoothies they order. The website has increased Ange’s digital visibility and infused confidence in customers considering their healthful and delicious offerings.