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If you read our previous article announcing the launch of Eighty6’s new Business Health Service, you’re aware that it’s ideal for painting a clear picture of your business’s health. A single source of truth powering informed decisions about your day-to-day, and year-to-year business. What you might not be aware of, is that it’s robust enough to also be configured for team usage on large displays. Think about future code sprints, marketing campaigns or a customer service team, for example.  Our ability to connect, pull and present data from 119 different sources and systems means user stories, squashed bugs, conversions, or the number of support tickets in a queue become brush strokes on a portrait of team performance. 

In addition to elevating visibility into overall team progress, team dashboards could also aid in boosting employee engagement. Presenting in real time, the calculable impact of each team member’s contributions can create a feedback loop similar to that of fitness trackers. Except the rush of dopamine you get won’t come from crushing activity goals, but instead from crushing expectations in the workplace.

getting everyone on the same page means getting a leg up on the day – everyday.”

While it’s fun to rhapsodize about positive outcomes, the reality of business is, it isn’t always positive. Sometimes mistakes get made, and sometimes mistakes are repeated before anyone realizes. With full transparency to constantly refreshing data, mistakes can be identified earlier – reducing their impact – and duplicate mistakes can become a thing of the past.

Whether your company is made up of ten teams of ten people, or you’re an army of one, getting everyone on the same page means getting a leg up on the day – everyday.

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