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Why Just a Pulse Isn’t Enough – Get Plugged in to Businesses Health

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Buzzword Bingo

The term “plugged in” is one that gets thrown around quite loosely – a sharply less analog version of “finger on the pulse” that, for whatever reason, feels more substantial. It’s fitting, considering digital arenas, where access to the latest information is vital, seem to be where this term surfaces most regularly. We’ll admit, “finger on the pulse” for some inexplicable reason, just feels less than. A seemingly surface level awareness compared to being “plugged in.” Say ’em to yourself a few times. Which one makes you feel more confident: having your “finger on the pulse,” or being “plugged in”? Thought so. But what, if anything, does it really mean to be “plugged in”? Is it more substantial, or is it just a timely marketing tactic fabricated to swoon the audience into believing that being “plugged in” is an elevated form of awareness?

For Eighty6, being “plugged in” means more than just paying close attention to what our clients and the industry are doing. It means paying close attention to what we’re doing, and in this case it’s what we weren’t doing. Not just us, mind you; but the digital service industry at large. 


If you’re anything like us, you might be wearing an Apple watch, and you might use it – or your smartphone – to measure certain health stats throughout the day. After all, there’s nothing wrong with keeping a “finger on the pulse” of your health and wellbeing. On your wrist – or your smartphone – are colorful visualizations, which communicate at a single glance the information that’s most important to you. Now ask yourself when was the last time you checked your businesses vitals. 

“Unlike the blood coursing through your veins, most businesses don’t have a single source of truth indicating their businesses health…”

Let’s say you wanted to paint a full and clear picture of your physical health. You could ask your doctor for a full blood panel, the results of which they could understand and communicate to you, and ultimately suggest any necessary corrective measures. Just like you, your business is a living, changing, growing thing that relies on numerous systems to keep everything operational. However, getting a clear picture of how your businesses health is trending is not as cut and dried, unfortunately. Unlike the blood coursing through your veins, most businesses don’t have a single source of truth indicating their businesses health, due in large part to numerous systems that don’t always integrate or share information with each other.    

Businesses, including our own, have data all over the place. There’s always content being distributed through different channels, resulting in data siloed across those various channels. There are also systems and platforms used internally, responsible for scheduling, estimating, reporting, and so on. Your business might even have a system for tracking how much time is spent scraping and stitching together all of your crucial business data. Cruel irony.  

The Eureka Moment!

The eureka moment came for us in early 2019, after more than eight years of designing, developing and nurturing beautiful creative and digital properties for our clients and ourselves. Not to mention, more than eight years reporting on the performance of all that creative. We would endeavour not only to close the loop in the creative life cycle, we would look inward toward operational systems and business practices.

Thus, a brand new offering, coined Business Health, was born. It’s a holistic offering that provides a clear and transparent look into the health and wellbeing of your organization. Simply put, all the various systems, both internal and external, that are vital for day-to-day operation, get “plugged in” so you and your teams can reap the benefits of at-a-glance, up to the moment information. Finally, a single source of truth for visually communicating business information that’s vital to decision making. 

It was also important for us that the new offering be able to add value all on its own, or be stacked with our other service offerings to maximize results. A durable quality we’ve most certainly captured. Whether Eighty6 is your company’s A.O.R., marketing partner, development partner or no partner at all, our Business Health service makes it easier than ever to help you make informed decisions about your day-to-day and year-to-year business. 

Vital business information at a glance!

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