Blu on the Hudson

Blu on the Hudson

Blu on the Hudson, located in Weehawken, stands as a distinguished high-end restaurant aiming to offer patrons an unmatched dining experience. Partnering with them during their establishment phase, Eighty6 played a pivotal role in building their brand and augmenting their digital presence.

Branding & Messaging: Eighty6 shaped a distinct brand identity for Blu on the Hudson, ensuring the messaging was in sync with the restaurant’s upscale offerings and its prime location.

Logo Design: Eighty6 crafted a logo that merged contemporary flair with classic sophistication, perfectly reflecting the restaurant’s ambiance and vision.

Website Design & Development: Understanding the importance of a digital gateway, Eighty6 took the helm in conceptualizing and launching Blu on the Hudson’s website, offering visitors a preview of the restaurant’s aesthetic and dining experience.

Social Media Management: Eighty6 optimized their social media profiles, emphasizing content that highlighted the restaurant’s offerings and set the stage for their grand launch.

Through our collaboration, Eighty6 was committed to ensuring Blu on the Hudson had a cohesive brand image and made a memorable debut in the market.

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