SUDC Foundation

SUDC Foundation

The SUDC Foundation – the global leader in promoting awareness, advocating for research, and supporting those affected by sudden unexpected or unexplained death in childhood (SUDC) – was in need of a simplified brand approach and a website to tie it all together so that they could fulfill their mission in a unified manner. Their existing website had become difficult to navigate as new initiatives came into play. A more structured approach and more simplistic design were needed, alongside a complete integration of all website forms, so communications for the organization could improve.

We worked with the SUDC Foundation to refresh their branding elements. The logo received a modernized update, and other branded items like letterhead and business cards were designed to match. Now, no matter where you engage with the Foundation, you will see the new streamlined look consistently. We also helped design the graphics and write the copy needed to promote SUDC Awareness Month, which included the circulation of cohesive and consistent information across Facebook, Instagram, the website, email, printed cards, posters, an awareness kit, and more.

When the SUDCF came to us, they already had a very strong mission, which we were able to draw upon as we created a structure for the website and how the Foundation is presented. They do three things: promote awareness, advocate for research, and support those affected by SUDC. Now, the website conveys this mission by displaying all their initiatives underneath one of those umbrella categories, which creates a seamless brand experience with a clear vision.

On a technical front, we integrated the CRM across 16 website forms, which gives the SUDC Foundation staff the ability to manage all submissions in one place. This gives greater control over the communication efforts of the foundation and has reduced the amount of time needed to re-enter information. Donations, user login requests, and more all come through a integrated form.

Copywriting, Design, Website