Lizzmonade serendipitously met Eighty6 at one of their markets and over some of their delicious lemonade, a relationship was formed. Owners Lizz and Lamar were in the running to appear on Shark Tank and needed someone to edit their submission video within the week.

That’s how it all started, but it was only the beginning of a long relationship that would include the need for new branding, a new website, and ultimately a foundation to build their business upon.


Lizzmonade was unfortunately not selected for Shark Tank, but our relationship grew as we were almost immediately working on new brand guidelines for this great company. With this brand refresh we wanted to get to the core of the business and so the tagline Markets. Events. Concessions. was coined. Every service they provided would fit under one of these categories.


In need of a new responsive website, Lizzmonade handed over the reins to us. Building the site from the ground up, the Eighty6 team incorporated on-site photography, content editing, calendar creation and more into the beautiful new website.

Search & Review

Lizzmonade began on the pop up market scene and has since expanded to several brick and mortar locations. These locations needed to be found in online search to attract new customers. We continue to create new online listings as Lizzmonade grows.


Adding unique icons for each Lizzmonade product made the products cohesive and easy to recognize. We updated logos and branded social media outlets for consistency. We also coined the phrase How do you Lizz? to provide a marketing slogan and hashtag to rally around on social media.


We photographed Lizzmonade at their markets, events, and concessions to make sure that their brand is well represented visually across all platforms. It was important when creating the website to use big, beautiful images that were captured with our knowing eye.


We had a lot of fun working on the Lizzmonade website. Some really cool features include: a media kit that gives the media and partners the ability to download high res photos and logos, a page that curates photos from Instagram that use the hashtag #lizzmonade, and a robust events calendar that allows customers to get instant directions to the markets Lizzmonade is currently at.


Today Lizzmonade is growing in the market scene, they are locking up long leases for concessions throughout the tri-state area, and have plans to take the Lizzmonade brand up and down the east coast.

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