Hoop Group, the worldwide leader in basketball instruction, has offered premier basketball camps since the summer of 1963. Most recently, Hoop Group asked us to design an interactive wall that showcases the multiple divisions offered at their headquarters in Neptune, N.J.

Additionally, we’ve collaborated on multiple other projects, including an ad in the official 2014 NBA All-Star Game program. Our work with Hoop Group actually began back in 2012 when they were in need of a direct mail campaign for their summer basketball camps, Hoop Group Elite. Our design team created two sets of postcards for the direct mail campaign targeting the Hoop Group Elite Top 100 Tour as well as the Hoop Group Jr. Elite Tour. These postcards were created to be personalized to the recipient as well as customized based on what city they were being mailed to.


Hoop Group


August 2012 – Present



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