Charlie Brown’s had no social media presence and therefore no way to reach their customers in the digital world. They wanted to get their promotions, seasonal items, and more in front of their customer base but hadn’t yet utilized social media.

In addition, Charlie Brown’s had 18 restaurant locations that were all facing a name change: from Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse to Charlie Brown’s Fresh Grill. Many locations had closed down right before this name change and so there was a lot of confusion amongst the Charlie Brown’s fans.


We worked closely with Charlie Brown’s marketing manager to take charge of the brand across web, social media, advertising, and search results. We grew the Facebook page to over 20,000 followers, helped sort out the pesky name change, and helped the website average 35,000 views a month.

Search & Review

We made sure that addresses, phone number, logos, and business hours were correct for all locations including on popular search engines such as Google, Yelp, Foursquare, Yahoo, and Bing.

Content Creation

We brought in our video crew to produce Charlie Brown’s first cable television commercial in over 15 years. We created a digital ad that was displayed on a 40 foot screen at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal. We even made a logo for their debut beer, Charlie’s Red.

Social Media

Through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, we posted on their behalf and utilized each platform to increase engagement with Charlie Brown’s customers. We also ran engaging social media campaigns including photo contests and other incentive driven promotions.

Monthly Advertising

On a monthly basis we managed Charlie Brown’s social media advertising with Facebook and Twitter. We were able to target their customers specifically and deliver Charlie Brown’s message directly to them.


We really enjoyed making a TV commercial for Charlie Brown’s. This was a milestone for the restaurant chain as they had never ran a television commercial in their long history. It was truly exciting to see our video production on a television screen.


Today Charlie Brown’s Fresh Grill continues to serve the New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania area under their new name. Internally they now use the foundation that Eighty6 created to connect with their customers.

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